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E30 325ix of 1987

Colour Alpinweiss

M20 Engine



Launched in 1985, the E30 325ix was the first incursion of BMW in the 4×4 world.  At the time, the new M20 2.5l engine was paired with unique mechanical parts and bodywork, different from the standard E30, to accompany the 4 wheel-drive system. With only around 15,000 vehicles built, this model is getting harder and harder to find.

A comprehensive overhaul with a photographic record has been carried out in our workshop including a new engine block with pistons, a new cylinder head, a new gearbox, a new transfer box, new drive shafts, new suspensions, new brake, cooling and fuel systems….  Having covered only 8,000kms since the overhaul, it’s a real pleasure to drive this vehicle.  Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details.

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