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  • Model-code:  CH72
  • Type:              Z3 ROADST (EUR)
  • Direction:      RL
  • Gear box:       Mech
  • Colour:           Violettrot 2
  • Interior:         Leder oregon /violett
  • Prod. date:     30/07/1998

BMW E36 Z3 Roadster for sale , UK version , air con, ,heated seats, numerous new parts, recommissioned by AG Retro, 118 000 miles, for more information on work carried out on this car view our portfolio page or contact us.



We offer a pre-purchase inspection service on any BMW.

BMW 5171


  • Model-code:  5171
  • Type:              628 CSi (EUR)
  • Direction:      LL
  • Gear box:       Mech
  • Colour:           Cosmos blau Met.
  • Interior:         (0186)
  • Prod. date:     01/04/1985

BMW E24 628 CSi for sale , French version , air con, numerous new parts, serviced by AG Retro, 145 000 kms, for price and more info contact us.

Please note that this vehicle is not sold by AG Retro nor through them but by its owner who is one of our customer.  Your details will thus be passed on to our customer.  We will therefore not accept any responsibility for any information provided by the said customer concerning the sale of the  vehicle.

We offer a pre-purchase inspection service on any BMW.

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